ColorVue Monthly (2 Lenses)


Color soft contact lens.

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Keys Features:-

ColourVue Sparkle is a design based on the most popular Big Eyes and circle lens. The thick dark circle creates an extra-large iris effect and crisp definition.


Cheerful Carbon Grey, Cheerful Cloudy Blue, Cheerful Foamy Beige, Cheerful Grey Sky, Cheerful Marble Grey, Cheerful Sweet Mint, Cheerful Woody Brown, Fizzy Champagne Silver, Fizzy Frozen Blue, Fizzy Lushy Brown, Fizzy Mystic Pearl, Fizzy Pop Grey, Fizzy Sepia Brown, Fizzy Signature Brown, Sparkle Black Olive, Sparkle Grey Mushroom, Sparkle Iced Coffee, Sparkle Nutella Brown


2-pieces (1 pair)

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